10 Common Things That Increase Your Risk Of Diabetes

Emotional Eating

It may not seem like it, but our mind plays many tricks to us without even realizing – until it’s too late. A Jordan study proved that people who are emotionally unstable are less likely to manage their blood sugar levels and diabetes. No matter how desperate you feel, remember that your body isn’t guilty of it, so keep taking care of yourself! If you can’t do it, talk to a specialist about your problem. Better safe than sorry after all.

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2 thoughts on “10 Common Things That Increase Your Risk Of Diabetes”

  1. I agree . I am type 1 diabetic on Metformen but I also control what I eat and drink. I do not use sugar I use Stevia which is all natural. I avoid sugar and things that contain sugar . Once in a while I will allow myself some sugar. I check my sugar daily and run between 110 and 120.

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