8 Things You Shouldn’t Put Yourself Through

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Don’t create your own hand sanitizer 

Making your own hand sanitizer can lead to more troubles than you think. In fact, if you have access to water and soap, you won’t need a hand sanitizer. 

“What I am looking at now is people mixing various chemicals to make sanitizers and household disinfectants,” says Jagdish Khubchandani, PhD, associate and professor at Ball State University. “We must admit that people in the general population are not experienced or qualified to make a lot of these things.”


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Body piercings at home

This is another dangerous thing that someone could do by themselves. “It may seem like a fun and harmless way to pass the time, and maybe even induce a much-needed adrenaline rush, but almost a third of all piercings in young adults result in complications, many of which require medical attention,” says health and wellness expert Caleb Backe. “Far beyond the risk of an uneven hole is the risk of infection and nerve damage that you leave yourself susceptible to.”


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