Everyday Mistakes That Are Yellowing Your Teeth

Drinking coffee

“Sipping two or three coffees every day allows the enamel of your teeth to be in constant contact with a staining agent,” dentist Katia Friedman, DDS, of the Friedman Dental Group says. Coffee stains can settle in causing yellowish teeth, if they are not rinsed and brushed away regularly. It’s not the quantity that’s a concern, it’s the sipping that can be especially damaging, she adds.


Incorrect tooth brushing

If you’re speeding your brushing routine and add more pressure it doesn’t mean you will have a healthier mouth – in fact, it could have the opposite effect, says Mazen Natour, DMD, a Manhattan-based prosthodontist. “If you brush too hard or too often, you might wear away the thin enamel layer and expose the dentin layer,” he says.

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