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11 Things People Who Rarely Get Sick Do–So You Should Too

Photo by chingyunsong from Shutterstock

1. They press the elevator button with their elbow

Can you say the same thing? Because most people who rarely get sick tend to use their elbows when using the elevator. Since we all know how many germs and bacteria are on elevator buttons, it’s best to press them using your elbow or a Q-tip.

A leading physician, and author of Ask Dr. Nandi, Partha Nandi, MD, says that you should avoid touching often-used surfaces such as elevator buttons like the plague. He even suggests using a paper towel in order to turn off the faucet after you are done washing your hands properly.

Stop pressing elevator buttons with your hands, use a disinfectant wipe, your elbow, a Q-tip, or whatever you find suitable in your backpack instead.

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