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26 Tiny Mistakes That Always Lead to Dental Damage

Photo by AtlasComposer from Envato Elements

20. Keeping your toothbrush in an unsanitary place

If you think that portable toothbrush holders will do the trick unless they are dry and clean, they won’t keep your toothbrush away from bacteria.

Bear in mind that bacteria love wet environments, which means your portable toothbrush holder won’t keep bacteria at bay if you place your toothbrush wet inside it.

And that’s not all. Wet toothbrushes are more prone to develop mold, which can make you very sick. Just keep your toothbrush in a cup and make sure the place is dry. Additionally, make sure the bristles of your toothbrush don’t touch those of your spouse.

21. Using a toothpick

As the name suggests, toothpicks were created to remove leftovers from between the teeth. However, all dentists recommend using dental floss instead of a toothpick. When used with way too much force, toothpicks can damage your gums, and they may even destroy the base of the teeth.

Plus, you could end up with a toothpick piece left between your teeth, and it can be pretty hard to get it out. Just stick to dental floss.


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