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26 Tiny Mistakes That Always Lead to Dental Damage

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13. Brushing right after meals

Be honest… Who taught you to brush your pearly whites right after meals? No one? You just thought that that’s the right thing to do? Well, we suppose you might be wrong. Immediately after eating a meal, your teeth are the weakest, so it’s not a good idea to brush them right away.

A dentist in Livonia, New York, Sandra Eleczko, DDS, adds that this is especially true when your meal usually includes more acidic drinks and foods. Your acidic meals will still work on your tooth enamel and since it takes approximately one hour for the saliva to remineralize your tooth enamel again, just wait.

14. Using toothpaste with chemicals

Do you read the labels before purchasing your toothpaste? Most kinds of toothpaste contain sodium lauryl sulfate that’s basically a detergent that creates foam. According to Katz, sodium lauryl sulfate is strongly associated with dry mouth and painful canker sores.

As a matter of fact, using a toothpaste that packs sodium lauryl sulfate could make your teeth more sensitive to temperature.

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