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26 Tiny Mistakes That Always Lead to Dental Damage

Photo by Ha4ipuri from Envato Elements

3. Grabbing certain drinks

Did you know that certain drinks are more prone to stick to your pearly whites and erode enamel than others? We are talking about sodas, sports drinks, and wine. A dental surgeon and instructor at Harvard Dental School, Anna Jotkowitz, says that sommeliers and wine tasters often visit the dentist because they end up with eroded teeth due to wine’s high acidity levels.

But we all like wine, so what can we do? Well, in order to decrease the damage caused by wine’s acid, a periodontist in Aventura, David Genet, DMD, says you should pair your glass of wine with cheese.

4. Loving gummy bears way too much

In fact, not just gummy bears, but everything that’s sticky, including caramels. When you’re eating them on a regular basis, your teeth will most likely face the consequences; because, according to Jotkowitz, this type of candies can easily lodge in the natural grooves of your teeth, leading to tooth decay.

If you’re not really ready to give up on gummy bears, at least brush, floss, and rinse every single time after eating them.


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