10 of the Strangest Medical Cases Reported Last Year

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5. Bladder brewery

You’d be surprised to find out that a 61-year-old woman’s bladder was able to turn sugar into alcohol. Some may say she’s a goddess, but she’s just a woman who needed a liver transplant due to her ongoing condition, cirrhosis.

She took many urine tests that were all positive for alcohol when she didn’t drink at all, not even a sip. She repeatedly told the doctors that she didn’t put her mouth on any alcoholic beverages, but her doctors refused to believe her.

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It all became clear once they discovered that the microbes in their patient’s bladder were actually fermenting sugar into alcohol. This condition is quite similar to another disorder called auto-brewery syndrome, in which the microbes transform carbohydrates into alcohol.

Those who suffer from this extremely rare condition can get drunk from consuming carbs. Imagine eating a burger and feeling dizzy afterward. Crazy, right?

However, back to our lady… Her bizarre medical condition is so rare that it doesn’t have a name. Her doctors called it for the moment ‘urinary auto-brewery syndrome.’

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