9 Strange Physical Signs That Reveal Major Health Issues

Orange hands

Beta-carotene is found in yellow-orange vegetables such as carrots, peaches, and oranges. Excessive consumption can actually turn your skin orange! This usually harmless condition, called carotenemia, should go away if you return to a normal diet. If this symptom is also accompanied by pain or nausea, you should click here to be prepared for anything more serious.


3 thoughts on “9 Strange Physical Signs That Reveal Major Health Issues”

  1. Interesting as I have never heard of most of these 9 strange physical signs. My husband and I read them together and found it enlightening.

  2. Thank you for this interesting information. I have an overweight 16 yr. old grand daughter that is seeing an Endocrinologist. She has elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin levels, and a fatty liver. In tying to help her with her diet (not going well) Walnuts might help for snacks, rather that a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie. Working hard to encourage her to change her eating habits for her health. I am sending her is this information so she can comprehend how important good health really is. One again thanks for this publication.

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