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10 Things You Should NEVER Share With ANYONE

Photo by Andrei David Stock from Shutterstock

2. Silverware and straws

Maybe taking a sip from your friend’s soda or a bite from your colleague’s sandwich doesn’t seem like a big deal to you—but, wait a minute, have you ever thought how dirty is a human mouth? Saliva contains about 100 million microbes. Multiplying 1,000 ml of saliva by 100 million gives us 100 billion. That’s actually the number of microbes in the saliva we swallow every day.

So, you better make sure you aren’t using their straws, silverware, or cup, which are some of the things found in a kitchen that Dr. Arthur won’t share. And yes, what stops her from sharing all these items is that they likely have saliva on them.

“It is a good general rule to follow because even if you or another family member feel fine right now, you may be at the early stages of a cold or flu and not realize you are contagious yet,” she says. You can use a regular nail polish if you want to mark your fork and tablespoon.

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7 thoughts on “10 Things You Should NEVER Share With ANYONE”

  1. Thank you so much for the keen and healthy advice. We often forget the obvious things that spread germs that contribute to negligent behavior. However, when you publish reminders like these ; they are well appreciated.

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