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10 Things You Should NEVER Share With ANYONE

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3. Fast-food trays

As soon as you see your order number from McDonald’s on the TV screen, you’re ready to grab the plastic tray and finally eat those delicious fries and burgers. Great. But you should take into consideration that you are actually taking more than your comfort foods. You’re also getting germs if you use the trays at fast-food restaurants.

“Not only are they used by everyone, but they are typically only wiped down with a cloth and not thoroughly cleaned with hot water and soap,” Dr. Arthur says. “If you do get your food on them, take it off and put the tray back; never set your food directly on it.”

Or even better: If you’re a fast-food enthusiast, take your order at home and chow down on those burgers without worrying about germs. P.S.: Don’t forget to wash your hands first.


7 thoughts on “10 Things You Should NEVER Share With ANYONE”

  1. Thank you so much for the keen and healthy advice. We often forget the obvious things that spread germs that contribute to negligent behavior. However, when you publish reminders like these ; they are well appreciated.

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