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9 Things Doctors Want You To Know About The Delta Variant

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What are some of those issues?

CT was a reasonable proxy for the viral load before the vaccines came, but we don’t know if that’s the case for vaccinated people. When someone has a very successful immune response, the infectious virus gets destroyed, but it leaves a little souvenir called RNA.

If you wondered why you might continue to be tested positive for COVID-19 months after you recover and are no longer a risk for the others, that’s why. So it’s still unclear whether vaccine breakthrough cases have high levels of infectious virus. As Barnstable report states, the test results could have been affected by other factors than just the viral load.

What about breakthrough cases?…..


2 thoughts on “9 Things Doctors Want You To Know About The Delta Variant”

  1. I have been blessed that I never have had covid symptoms. I received the Maderma 2 injections.
    This article has been very helpful to understand the new virus Delta varent.

  2. Thank you for the info! I am trying to remain covid free. Two Maderma shots & booster. I pray I stay safe. I am 70 years ole.

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