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9 Things Doctors Want You To Know About The Delta Variant

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Are breakthrough cases so common among vaccinated people?

In this matter, is extremely important to take into consideration vaccination rates. If we have a closer look at Boulder County, we’ll see that close to 100% of individuals older than 75 from Boulder County have received at least one dose of the vaccine. In this extreme scenario, most of the cases that occur in people over 75 will be categorized as breakthrough infections.

However, the risk of vaccinated peers getting infected is lower compared to the risk of unvaccinated individuals. But as an ongoing truth, the communities that have a high vaccination rate tend to be fewer Covid infected patients than the ones with a lower vaccination rate.

How long will the vaccine last?…..


2 thoughts on “9 Things Doctors Want You To Know About The Delta Variant”

  1. I have been blessed that I never have had covid symptoms. I received the Maderma 2 injections.
    This article has been very helpful to understand the new virus Delta varent.

  2. Thank you for the info! I am trying to remain covid free. Two Maderma shots & booster. I pray I stay safe. I am 70 years ole.

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