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20 Ways to Slash Your Risk of Bone Fractures

Photo by FotoHelin from Shutterstock

3. Get some vitamin D

We already know that vitamin D is essential for building good bones, but do you think you’re getting enough of it? The recommended daily dosage when it comes to vitamin D is 400 IU for people over 50. However, as you age, the amount increases to 600 IU for people over age 70.

Nurse practitioner and manager of Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Bones Program in Southern California, Fany Patricia Rosas, recommends taking vitamin D supplements. Additionally, it would be best if you spent more time outdoors to get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun.

4. Say ‘no’ to sodas

Do you really need more reasons to skip sodas for good? They are a disaster for your health, bones included. Are you aware that a serving of soda per day increases a person’s risk of hip fracture by 14 percent? And although researchers note that the connection is pretty unclear, they believe that caffeine and sugar interfere with calcium levels, leading to low bone density.

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