10 Common Cancers and Their Warning Signs


Estimated new U.S. cases in 2018: 91,270

Signs include:

  • A mole or mark on the skin that is asymmetrical, meaning it has uneven edges. The edges may look scalloped or notched.
  • A mole or freckle that has a variety of colors (rather than being all one shade of brown or black). Melanoma may be brown, black, white, red, pink, or even blue.
  • A mole or mark that is red, white, or blue
  • A mole that is larger than the tip of a pencil eraser
  • A mole or mark that’s growing quickly or has changed color or shape
  • A mole or mark that is bleeding, itching, or crusting

Because melanoma causes visible changes on your skin, experts recommend examining your skin from head to toe once a month to spot any potential signs of skin cancer, and having your doctor check your skin once a year, too.


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