10 Things To Stop a Cold Before It Takes Hold

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  • As soon as you start to feel cold symptoms, add fluids to your body – You have to stay hydrated as a general rule, but this is even more important when you’re feeling the cold coming on. Drink lots of water, and hot tea, to keep the sore throat and stuffy nose from coming on stronger.
  • Scratchy throat? Start gargling with warm salt water – While it may taste a bit gross if you accidentally swallow some, this will help you reduce inflammation in your throat, but also clear everything that might irritate it, like excess mucus. If there are any bacteria left in the back of your throat, by gargling warm salt water, you will flush them out and prevent the cold.
  • Keep your nose as clean as possible – Do you feel your nose a bit runny? Try using a saline nasal spray to clean it out. By doing this, you’ll reduce the effects of the cold.
  • In the first two hours of feeling the cold, go to the drugstore for medicines – It’s best to purchase a general pain reliever in the first hours after you feel you’re about to get a cold. Also, over-the-counter allergy medicines will make you feel better. By getting a decongestant one, you’ll clear up your sinuses and feel less groggy.
  • Don’t waste your time with over-the-counter cough medicine – You can save some cash and buy a bottle of honey instead. It’s multi-purpose, as you can add it to your hot tea and have a spoon of it if your throat isn’t well. It will fix your sore throat immediately.

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