10 Early Signs of Lupus Most People Ignore, But You Shouldn’t

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1. Fatigue

Fatigue or extreme tiredness could have many root causes. One of them is lupus. While a nap does wonders for most people, those who have lupus can’t enjoy its benefits. More than 90 percent of lupus patients reported fatigue as an early symptom of the disease.

If your tiredness doesn’t seem to go away with good hours of sleep and proper dietary choices, maybe it’s time to call your doctor. You might have a serious disease like lupus without even realizing it.

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 2. Unexplained fever

Another symptom of lupus is sudden fever. Most lupus patients said they have a low-grade fever during flare-ups. However, the vast majority of people tend to ignore the thermometer when they see numbers ranging between 98.5˚F and 101˚F.

Unfortunately, they shouldn’t. It’s a common early symptom of lupus. But, it’s also important to note that a low-grade fever could mean many things, including infection or inflammation. If you have a low-grade fever that comes and goes, talk to your doctor ASAP.

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