How to Check Your Medical Records for Errors

What kind of errors you should look for?


You should look for errors or information that’s out-of-date. These errors can influence how your provider diagnoses and treats you. Also, look for mistakes that can affect your bill.


Read your personal information:

• Name, address, and phone number
• Health insurance plan provider
• Identification numbers, like your patient identification number or social security number
• Emergency contact names, addresses, and phone numbers


Read your health information, including:

• Doctor’s appointment notes
• Health or medical history
• Symptoms
• Immunizations
• Diagnoses
• Allergies
• Medicines
• Tests
• Procedures


Read your medical bills:

Check your medical bills to make sure you’re being billed for services you have received. Compare the information in your health record with:

• The reports your health insurance plan sends you
• The bills from your doctor or other health care providers


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